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A New Future by foggymorning20 reviews A story set in the new future. DOFP spoilers. Rogue is tired of wearing masks and Remy is looking for redemption.

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The only problem is that she isn't exactly an expert herself. So, she decides to go to the one person who might be able to help. But, she may have just gotten herself into more than she bargained for. Remy's Diabolical Plan by ElvenMuggle reviews Remy, being the evil mastermind that he is, comes up with a diabolical plan.

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He enlists Rogue's help in polishing himself for the woman he wants…And Rogue has no idea that the woman is her. A Healing Heart by streetlightlove reviews Dr. Between her extreme social awkwardness and focusing on her career, Katniss hasn't let anyone new into her life in a long time. Until one fateful night, when an accident brings Peeta Mellark into her hospital, changing everything. Modern Day AU. Happenstance by toturnagain reviews After the events of Uncanny , High Evolutionary has been successful in its campaign to suppress the mutant gene in an action known as Operation: Zero Tolerance.

Eight years pass and strange things are afoot - could this genetic suppression be causing the deaths of newborns worldwide?

4 Features Of Quality Cycling Shorts + 2 TRICKS On How To Choose The Best Ones.

Update: Remy's kids charm the mansion. Ororo spills the beans. The Future Isn't Always Certain by Darkravensflight reviews When Rogue recevies devastating news she is left in complete shock, months pass and she still is left dumbfounded, Logan takes her to Japan to get away from it all. But will she be able to escape the dreams that haunt her every night and are they telling her there is a way to bring Gambit back to life? She wasn't the sort of person who would melt into the background very easily.

Fic: No Such Thing as Down Time [X-Men comics] Cyclops, Gambit (rated mature)

She practically radiated confidence just by the way she sat at her desk. There was no denying she was beautiful.

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Katniss Sub! Finding Your Way by KnightlyWordsmith reviews High school is never easy, especially when you're persecuted for being a mutant. With Kitty's powers acting up, Kurt unable to see his girlfriend, and Rogue continuing to struggle with her inability to touch others, things have never seemed so bad. When a new threat rises, endangering mutants everywhere, will it be too much for the X-Men? A Tender Thing by whipsy o. Inevitable, that's how it felt. Friend of Mine by Ophelia reviews A short romy series about the current state of their relationship inspired by the Liz Phair song "Friend of Mine.

Learning by doing by Silverwavesparkling reviews Pietro meets the Brotherhood Lance, Todd, Fred and Rogue for the first time and tries to impress them with his powers. Rated for underage drinking and cursing. Never try what Pietro does in Chapter 2! The Prostitute by walkindarkness reviews Slightly AU.

Gambit meets Rogue in a club and it ended Salad Days by lychee loving reviews What misadventures can one five year old get up to in the mansion? This is based on the book, the movie but mostly my imagination. Everyone's POV. Find out how Peeta gets with the Careers. Like Father, Like Son? The wolves had finally caught up to her. Taking a step back, she stumbles, and accidentally drops the baby over the edge!

AU What if Kurt had been raised by his real father, Azazel? Rated T just in case.

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Rogue has been gone from Bayville for four months to work on her recovery on Muir Island while Remy has spent four months recovering and training, finally joining the X-Men fully. Rogue may be ready to come home, but is Remy prepared for her return? Define Normal by xmenfan33 reviews School, Video games, Raking leaves.

These are all normal things, that people do everyday. Add in sugar rushes, sworn enemies and budget cuts, however, and it just seems insane. Starring: Gambit,Rogue,Cyclops, Wolverine, and the rest. The world is stark white and sterile, and they keep you in a cage. They don't even call you by your name, only a number, and whats worse they've taken the most precious thing from you. Your memories.

How will you exist without knowing who you are and what you can do with only a touch. Logan has found nothing but good in this new version of reality. In fact, he'd started to think that it came with no drawbacks whatsoever. An encounter with Rogue teaches him otherwise. But it also shows him that there is still hope to fill those holes left from his transition into this new timeline. Dear Marie by Mimiscout reviews Marie's mutation arrives at fifteen, randomly. She flees her hometown and ends up in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras, ending up entangled with a certain Cajun.

A story of true love through many hard years and trials. Glaring Decipher by Christa4ever reviews Taking place about a week after the end of Season 4, Magneto has moved into the instutite and is acting as an instuctor. When Cerebro's newest update leads to unforeseen results, Xavier takes on two new wards. Meanwhile, he and Magneto are seeing disturbing similarities between themselves and these students. Her powers are becoming too much and there's only so much the Goth Girl can handle. Kitty's on hand to support her. This story is of their growing relationship.

Liaison by CodeAliasWave reviews When helping Rogue clean out her room to move in with him, Gambit stumbles upon one of her dirty little secrets. Will the temptation to explore the possibilities be too much? Or will it become his dirty little secret too? Imposter by CodeAliasWave reviews After a night of binge drinking, Gambit wakes up next to an unwanted one night stand.

Not a problem, except his efforts to fly under the radar were blown when the X-Men went public. Faced with a brunette who took her obsession too far, how ever will he get her out of his bed? More importantly how ever will he get back the life he had? One shot, lemon, Romy, complete. Waterlily by HGRomance reviews Peeta's a high school exchange student spending a year on Panem Island, a foreign land of blue coves, lilting guitar melodies, and floral-scented breezes.

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He thought he left his love behind in America. But after meeting a village girl with a wild side, he's not sure where his heart belongs. Modern AU. Banner by Ro Nordmann: archiveofourown. Porcelain by varietyofwords reviews Chuck and Blair. My response to the prompt for the fifth day of the third Chair Week, scars. Thinking they're free, Rogue and Gambit leave New York to find the remaining X-Men, whilst the nets of Sinister and Destiny draw ever tighter around them.

Days of Future Past. Intolerable Inclination by NCISprobie reviews Rogue is fighting her dark impulses while also trying to battle her mutation alone, which is causing her to become what she hated most. Note: After Ascension, and Magneto is an instructor. Testing Boundaries by amsanch reviews Rogue left to learn to control her powers.

Five years later she returns a different person. Has Remy moved on like she feared? Will he be willing to forgive her for leaving? Other character appearances as well. Story will be rated M for later chapters. Platonic by lucyhadley reviews "Would you touch yourself if I asked you to, Katniss?